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SurgiMetric™ multipurpose

SurgiMetric™ multipurpose is an easy to use system specially adapted to the surgeon's needs. It incorporates the latest technologies in digital processing of medical images in order to allow the surgeon to focus on the patient rather than technology, allowing to take full advantage of the opportunities offered Image-Guided Surgery.

SurgiMetric™ multipurpose is a flexible and cost effective system that can be adjusted to any surgical instrument. lt is built under standard hardware platforms reducing unnecessary costs and providing a virtual connection between digitized preoperative diagnostic images and actual anatomic structures also allowing the surgeon to properly orientate in real time during surgery.

Technological development makes SurgiMetric™ multipurpose achieved a standalone product and is fully adapted to the needs of users and ensuring the integration of the latest technological advances.

SurgiMetric™ multipurpose has been tested over several years by surgeons, ensuring safe and effective procedures.

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The system includes:

Planning Station Navigation Station

The system allows a preliminary analysis of the anatomy of the patient with advanced and friendly navigation tools. lt also supports simulations, calculations and addition of relevant information to be used by the Navigation Station during surgery.

Key features:

  • CT & MRI study storage.
  • Approach planning.
  • Semiautomatic CT/MRI merging. 3D reconstruction.
  • Semiautomatic anatomical marks detection.
  • Tissue segmentation.

The navigator establishes a spatial connection between the instruments and the diagnostic images. Thus, the surgeon can see in real time the relative position of surgical instruments on the patient's images.

Key features:

  • Patient registration with or without external markers (facial recognition).
  • Simultaneous display of several instruments.
  • 3D infrared tracking system with passive wireless markers.
  • Video input for real image inclusion (endoscope, microscope ... ).

There are two configurations available:


  • Easy to use inside the Operating Room.
  • Compact and robust.
  • Touch screen.
  • Articulated arms.

  • Easily transportable.
  • Flexible placement in the Operating Room.
  • Perfectly suitable for dealers.
  • Designed for on-demand surgeries.

The available modules are:

Neurosurgical Module Functional Surgery Module

Allows tumor interventions and navigation following a preplanned approach, facilitating smaller, centered craniotomies and more accurate tumor resections.

Designed to facilitate system use in surgical pathology. Key features: Calculate stereotactic and angular coordinates, Identification of anatomical structures, Tracking microregisters and Visualization of Anatomical Atlas.

ENT Module Spine Module

Designed to facilitate system use in surgical pathology transnasal-transfascial.

Avoid using the Mayfield™ and allows integration of images of endoscopic visualization systems.

Allows real time monitoring of the process of placing implants in spinal fusion. lt also improves the tumor finding tasks.

In addition, it provides the possibility of registration of the vertebral body by anatomicallandmarks.

IFN Module

You may incorporate information about the brain areas with functional activity recorded by electrode grids and/or electrode needles, during the navigation process, providing the surgeon with a patient's functional map in real time.

This module is only available for the Navigation Station.

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